PAD Challenge Day 25: Dear Black Descendants

PAD Challenge Day 25: Write an exile poem.

Dear Black Descendants

Motherland never had
no issue with me.
I was doing just fine.
I was real noble.
I was not out of my mind.
I didn’t flee nor was I a refugee.
I was kidnapped and chained
on Isabella, then priced higher
than ivory and gold in the New World.
The Europeans claim this was my new home.
I even had a new name. A slave name.
Excuse me, I was trying to save a little
culture for you, but they exiled that too.
They even beat a new religion
in me while praising God too.
Now, I could be an English man
because I can speak and read
English like the man.
But, I still had no rights.
Come sun up and sun down,
I worked for free.
Them cotton, sugar cane, rice, and
tobacco fields were nightmares.
I only felt free in my sleep.
That’s where I could dream of Africa and my kin.
But I’m lost, because I don’t know where to begin.
I want to apologize for not running faster
so that our daughters’ seeds didn’t
have to be a descendant to a dirty old bastard.
And my deepest sympathy goes to the new gen
That shops online,
pays $69 or up to $199
to 23andMe, Family Tree DNA or Ancestry
just to determine their African bloodline.

P.S. She will always welcome you--never abuse, ban or deport you, like some countries do.


The Legacy Museum
Montgomery, Alabama 

The Legacy Museum
Montgomery, Alabama 


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