PAD Challenge Day 26: Soiree

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write an evening poem.


Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
night are our Friendsgiving Days.
Birthday or no birthday,
these celebrations are like
all our names are on the cake
and we’re cooler, tighter and
sweeter than gelato.

We share our favorite bottles or brew;
pinch in on carry out tabs or
prepare a dish to consume.
If we don’t catch an opening
at a cinema or theater,
rip a dance floor, highway or runway,
we still gather,
watch black and white films,
Carolina Panthers or Tarheels, or Netflix;
play spades, board games or pool.

No matter which home we chose,
we always find our hearts and soul there too
We sing out loud with spoons as microphones,
dance freely,
crack witty jokes,
vent, cry,
get high off laughter,
and drunk off each other’s kind spirits.

This is like our family time,
where we heal and provide
therapy to each other.
We air out our family drama,
ask questions for answers,
reveal our struggles and
issues with self and society
until we’re back in our group chat
sharing silly things and
virtual love to each other.


Cheers to the freakin' weekend.-Rihanna
LOL :-)


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