PAD Challenge Day 27: Six Feet Under

PAD Challenge Day 27: Pick a direction, make that the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Six Feet Under

I forgot to ask.
I should have asked,
Miss Debbie or one of Mr. Jones' sons.
I should have asked what their policy was.
But my heart and mind was still on your last breath.

Something tells me
they would have allowed it
because they deeply loved you too.
They couldn't stop memorizing
your mannerisms and sportsmanship
with handling business and life.

I should have asked.
I should have asked
if I could have taken the hearse
through the Jazz district,
by Gates, the Crown Plaza,
the KC Royals and Chiefs Stadium
one more time.

I should have asked
if I could touch your face again,
kiss your cheek,
hold your hand,
fix your pocket square once more
or make sure your tie and hat
was in place or your collar
was popped up then folded
neatly and creased
because you were a GQ man at heart.

I should have asked
if your body felt safe,
comfortable and warm
inside your first and last casket.
This is the only time I'll become jealous.
The sun or the insulation of your grave
will spend more warm times with you than me.

I should have asked
if I could put another rose
between your folded hands
because I realized---
I've never given you
flowers while you were alive.

I should have asked
if I could,
one more time,
just glance at your face
and watch your casket go
completely down under
until I can fully hug you again.


18th and Vine, Kansas, City, MO
Miss you and love you very much Dad!
Love, your one and only baby girl!


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