PAD Challenge Day 29: Dance with My Father Again

PAD Challenge Day 29: Take the phrase “(blank) Again,” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Dance with My Father Again

since you left,
the beat of my heart
has lost a little rhythm too.
My hand is empty without yours.
I miss your omelets
in the morning.
I miss your gap teeth
smile like mine.
I miss your calligraphy
I miss your no non-sense
and anti-bullshit attitude.
I miss the direction
you would give when
I felt lost and lonely.
I miss hearing the prayers
and blessings you spoke over my life,
before and after I was born.
I miss being able to call
every time the Lakers and Tarheels won.
I miss us riding around the city
sharing Tospy’s popcorn
while listening to Motown hits,
E-40, 2 Pac, and Snoop.
You loved west coast hip-hop the most,
but Run DMC was your favorite.
Mom told me how you thought you
were Run from Run DMC.
I ended up loving Run’s House.
We even decided that,
when I got married,
our Father-Daughter’s dance
would not be to a traditional ballad.
We would wear shell-toe Adidas,
rock out to It’s Tricky and My Adidas
because I was born the
year Raising Hell came out.
I feel like Luther Vandross,
I’d just love to dance 
with my father again.


Daddy and Me.
I miss you papa!


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