PAD Challenge Day 3: Imago (I'm a Go...Fly)

PAD Challenge Day 3: Write an animal poem.

Imago (I’m a Go... Fly)

the green surrounding
me is my home.
My ovule was laid
here for a reason.

Another beautiful Monarch
believed in me before
I could caterpillar crawl my way out,
go through flowers
to fuel my life on my own,
show off my own phenotypical
blend of multi-colored stripes
then hide in my chrysalis.

Don’t worry about me being here.
This will not take long.
This stage is not isolation out of fear.
I promise, I am not ghosting
just to be ghosting.
I am accepting my growth.
I am protecting my growth.
I am falling in love with the
brown skin that will shape
me differently for a lifetime.

Even if you don’t understand
my resting period
And refuse to accept this change,
I’m a go, open-up from this chrysalis anyway-
unfold these damped, soft wings,
pump blood into them gracefully;
Get them flapping happily
because I don’t want to watch
everybody else take flight when
I can be brave and fly,
And leave a legacy on
the same greenery for
another monarch to
metamorphosis and call home.


Appreciate every stage in life,
especially your personal growth
as much as a butterfly would.
Danielle C. Robinson


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