PAD Challenge Day 30: "Discontinue Love" and "Press Play"

PAD Challenge Day 30:
2 for Tuesday:
1)Write a stop poem.
2)Write a don’t stop poem.

Discontinue Love

I’ll never stop
loving for free.
This is not up
for a debate
or a sweet rivalry;
tic for tat;  
trade or sale.
Love is no BOGO.
Two for two
Not even a
10 for $10
Or a dollar
and ninety-nine
including gratuity.
FREE, all
No tax penalty
or return policy,
even when it
looks like love
disappeared or
jeopardized me.
I’ll just
cease to exist
without hate
gaining interest
inside of me.

Press Play

Tomorrow, I’ll press play again.
Fela Kuti or Idris Muhammad
will serenade me, grip my hips,
and color me happy. I’ll get
dressed in my emotions,
meet poetry in the same
line at Margins where I did before.
Possibly by a table for two,
in between Hughes and Angelou,
in front of the Atlantic sea,
behind the sun, beside a tree,
or under the night’s galaxy,
I’ll tongue him down, syllable
after syllable. Bless him with
similes and metaphors. Ignite his
imagination. Love him raw.
Give him flavor. Make him sound
off of me as he stares back into
my eyes. Rub him down in
alliteration. Insert rhythm in his
heart until it rhymes with mine.
Let him refrain my name,
verse after verse, until there
are no sheets left between us.


Farewell National Poetry Month!
Salut Poetes! (Salute Poets!)
PAD is forever..24/7..365..366 is a leap.


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