PAD Challenge Day 7: Green-Eyed Folks

PAD Challenge Day 7: Write a jealous poem

Green-eyed Folks

For no valid reason
People want you dead while alive
They don’t think about the
people they’ll be hurting inside

You could be the brand-new girl to a city
they’ll hold you down
cut your hair
‘cause theirs is not long enough,
Curly enough, or straight enough.

You could be the brand-new boy to a class
They’ll jack you up by the lockers or stairwell
‘cause you don’t sag
or live by the boy codes

You can be black and white
and they’ll say you’re not dark or light enough

You can be black mixed with black
and they’ll say you don’t act black enough

You can be short or tall,
Heavy or small,
Somebody ain’t gonna like
Your inches or weight at all

You can be nice, polite, and respectful
Some people will still look at you dreadful

You can be smart, witty, and sophisticated
People will still devalue, downplay 
and discredit what can’t be manipulated

You can be recovering from addictions
People will still hold your 
mistakes like strong convictions

You can smile, laugh, 
and dance for no reason.
Please will ask why like 
these actions really should come by seasons

You can post good, do good, live good
People will still think you're up to no good

You can by any means necessary
People will think your life is unnecessary

You can learn the word and live the word
People will still stab your back and give you the bird

You can appear weak for a week
People will laugh and critique

You can damn near lose everything 
at last and regain it back fast
People will still envy you while you surpass

You can show up with 
determination for improvement
People will eliminate you 
and say its really for the movement

You can support out of pure love
People will never show up or come through
for you as if you’re not deserving of


I could never be jealous.
God's earth has too much space/water for all of us to grow.
What is for you will be for you. Everything is not for everyone
or will happen for everyone the way it happened for you.
Danielle C. Robinson


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