PAD Challenge Day 8: Hummingbird and Angel Numbers

PAD Challenge Day 8: Write a lucky number poem.

Hummingbird and Angel Numbers

Pretty soon,
your death anniversary will be here.
It will be one year since I've
talked to you and you talked back.
A year since I’ve witnessed
our last joke and your last breath.
A year since I’ve witness you
waking up in the middle of night
reaching for your daughter’s hand again.
For the first and last time,
I saw scared in your eyes, your face.
You were always a strong and brave Papa.
I only seen you cry five times:
First, after my first fight at school.
Second, when you talked about your childhood.
Third, when granny Ruby passed.
Fourth, when you looked over at me
and I was crying and asking God why
while signing for power of attorney
papers and your financial accounts.
Last, when mom flew out to be by your side.
We could tell you wanted to speak
and move but didn’t have enough
strength to open your eyes.
Tears was all you had.
I begged God to let you
speak one more time.
I needed more I love you’ s from you.
We all did.
Now, all I have is that board-bill
humming bird that sung to
my face one early morning,
And countless angel numbers
that I see day after day.


Angel Numbers 💓🙏


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