PAD Challenge Day 9: Something Like a Good Love Song, and Ain’t No Love Here No Mo’

PAD Challenge Day 9:
2 for Tuesday:
1)      Write a love poem.
      2)      Write an anti-love poem.

Something Like a Love Song

I want an indestructible bond,
As Long You Love Me like Backstreet Boys
an Everlasting Love like Carl Carlton
a Wait for Me like Kings of Leon
on a Sunday Morning like Maroon 5 love

That breathing without any extinction love
A puissant love that can’t be
Fractured like porcelain
Scuffed like knees
Worn-out and worn-down love.
Always and only about a
Love Theme like Barry White love.

I want an Outstanding love like the Gap Band love
I need an All I Need like Method Man love
I deserve to Feel Again like One Republic love
I Will Always Love You
Whitney Houston kinda love.
The, when we share a sky, As one,
there’ll be a Ribbon in the Sky
like Stevie Wonder love
And when we make love,
Would You Mind like Janet Jackson love?
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
‘Til the Cops Come Knockin’
like Maxwell kinda love

That, I don’t want to let you go love
Because you can answer more
than 21 Questions like 50 cent love
Travel to Paris, Tokyo like Lupe love
Hold Me like Janine love
During Summer Breeze,
Living for the Love of You
like the Isley Brothers love
through The Light like Common love
Grow beyond Two Weeks like Fka Twigs love
Because You Got Me like the Roots love
And this Love is King like Sade love.

And if when you have to go love,
please Set Adrift on Memory Bliss like PM Dawn love
stay Daydreaming like Aretha Franklin love
Until You Come Back to Me like Luther love
Because You Love Me like Celine Dion love.

Ain’t No Love Here No Mo’

I believe you Rose Royce,
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.
We all have been abandoned
And hate is the bandit
All nations have an inner war
All races, sexes, and generations are divided
All religions are conflicted and misrepresented
Peace comes alive after the
soul rise and the body is laid to rest
The streets smell like death
The babies are dying
They are neglected,
unprotected and miseducated
A few schools are a few
classrooms away
from being segregated

An average life’s high is beyond
Jack Daniels and China White
Words is not bond; they are all gibberish
Loyalty is minimized and despised
Inequality and equity are the richest
Shaming, shade, and speculations are wealth

Water and air ain’t even clear
But we got nuclear
Food ain’t even pure
It’s damn near scarce
and unable to secure

Families are strangers
Marriage is a business
Children are collateral
Friends are foes

Everybody is competition
Everybody wants to rule the world
Everybody think they are God

Ain’t no team members
Ain’t no community
Ain’t no we thang
Ain’t no communication
Ain’t no patience
Ain’t no understanding

Even negative images have
more light than positive ones.

Everyone is under watch
Everyone is suspect
Everyone is a target
Everyone is not welcome

No mo’ love, peace, and joy to the world
It’s sex, drugs, and murder to the world
No mo’ people for people
It’s profits over people
No mo' blood is thicker than water
It’s water that’s cooler now

It’s what I can get out of this
with this little bit
It’s what is mine is mine
even if it ain't mine
It’s where is mine without
even earning it at all

Everything is counterfeited
Everything is an imitation of love
Ain’t nothing new, especially
the way we show love the way we do.


Taken in Asheville, NC
By Self


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