PAD Challenge Day 1: he got the whole world in his hands

PAD Challenge Day 1: Write a new world poem. 

he got the whole world in his hands
I wanna wake up with an

Aladdin and Jasmine type of vibe;

I’m Feeling Good like Nina Simone

“and this old world, is a new world”

where everyone and their cerebral is free;

their veins, morphine and oxytocin free

and their blood, disease free.

I mean the only Cancers alive

are the ones born in June and July.

There are no spotted two-faces,

brown noses, shallow lips or

histories of whipped backs

or concentration camps

that’ll make you lose your concentration.

There are no heartbreaks

and heartburns as the old-world turns.

There are no worries about how

the babies will eat sleep learn tomorrow.

No stressing about life’s lessons

and shaky sorrows.

Our eyes can easily tally  

billions of happy feet and joyful tears

without the addition of laughing fears.

There are no perils walking along

our paths or pebbles in our shoes.

The shades of hate RIP in hell; and

the color of love is the

only hue we’ll choose.

God’s air is so sweet and silent-

you don’t have to close your eyes

to hear Amazing Grace whispering

between the trees.

Naturally, peace and harmony

will lay themselves

over the 7 continents and 7 seas.

I wanna wake up with 20/20 vision

to see humans acting

like human beings without

gender, age, race, politics, religion,

inheritance, kinship, and position

operating by the old world's division.

I wanna see leaders leading us;

not leaving us.

I wanna hear the gospel;

not the hypocrite.

I wanna look like brothers and sisters;

not like profit and property.

I wanna wake up to only

see time moving against me

And the only thing I want to fight

for is another breath to simply show that

“he has his hands on me too”.





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