PAD Challenge Day 11: ctrl + alt + delete

PAD Challenge Day 11: Write a control poem.

ctrl + alt + delete

i know,
its hard to control,
alter, and
delete lovers
from your system.
i promise, i’m not trying
to press your buttons.
i just want to login into your heart.
replace all past users with my name.
key in 143 as my passcode to
unlock the love you’ve been
storing since your past lovers failed
at managing the tasks that come
with loving a man like you.

i know,
waiting for love,
looking for love,
relearning love,
recovering from love,
googling what is love?
repeatedly, is getting old.
and Alexa and Siri may not always
hear you out or understand your request.
that’s why I’m trying to make this
easy for you and me to access.
i don’t ever want to sign out first
without being the first to
welcome your heart to
the home of mine.

i know,
we’ve both
opened up before
and seen enough blues
to want to completely
shut down but we must
not cancel this application
without the start of
processing words with
a micro soft rhythm
for us to stay up-to-date
in the operations of love.


One day in Tampa, Florida.
The weather was beautiful!


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