PAD Challenge Day 13: Red Flag

PAD Challenge Day 13: Write a purpose poem.

Red Flag

I was chosen as
much as you were.
I wasn't desperate.
I wasn't even seeking.
I was green with
I even had yellow
on my face with
gold in my soul.
It could be  
the reason
for your ghosting.
At least now,
I can fill in the
blanks you left,
without quizzing myself
or developing multiple
choices to initiate a
process of elimination.
It was the differences
in the meaning and
purposes that
led you astray.
I know, because
I learned from your
heartache and
insecurities about
what vulnerability teaches.
I paid for this
lesson in full.
So, I completed
this course, full.

On purpose,
I unlatched the
gateway to my heart,
just to see what
it was like to have it
opened and used,
not just wide awake and vital,
lost in the thoughts and
days of hopelessness.
I let my fears
come out of hiding.
I let them skip along
your pride instead
of letting them hid and
seek awareness.
I let the heart of my life
live in your world off beat.
I let passion be fair and bare.
I let it intimately interrupt
the rhythm of my emotions,
desires and vitality.
On purpose,
I feel like,
deep down in the
veins of my heart
you made it your purpose,
for my future purposes,
to understand the
danger of letting
someone inside the
the organ that grew 
from the womb to 
beat for life then
learn from life 
to break for love.



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