PAD Challenge Day 15: 6 Minutes and 46 Seconds on 18th and Vine

PAD Challenge Day 15: Write a dream poem.

6 Minutes and 46 Seconds on 18th and Vine

Every time I’m alone,
my thoughts feel like leapin’ and lopin’
as my ears plug into Sonny Clark’s Deep in a Dream.
I close my eyes to get lost in a dream.
The saxophone blows me away to 18th and Vine Street.
My 1980s soul accompany your 1940s soul.
Our heels mimic the piano keys.
Our gap-toothed smiles are twins,
side by side.

Arm in arm, we are the best
jazzy friends in the Jazz District.
Together, we walk and talk.
Talk and walk.
Dissect the arts.
Give more life to each other.
While our tongues are set on fire
by Cajun shrimps and crawfish,
sweeten by Beignets and sweet tea lemonade,
we exchange the bullshit that the
world has offered you and I since my last visit.

I’ll ask about the Isle of Capri Kansas City.
You’ll say, “Damn right, I always play my cards right.”
Then reach for my right hand to place 15 Andrew Jacksons
or 10 Andrew Jacksons and 2 Ulysses S. Grants,
all rolled up from underneath your right hand.
You’ll say “This is between me and you.
Spend it wisely. Don’t let your left hand know
what your right hand got baby.
You are my grandbaby and I love you.”

I’ll chuckle, say thank you,
while hugging you and planting a soft kiss on
your chocolate cheek like it’s my last time.
Then we go jamming at The Gem
or maybe we’ll show out and
shake our tailfeathers in The Blue Room
until the Moon’s light come out and join us.
I’ll walk you back to your apartment
until all that jazz goes silent.
Then realize, after all that jazz
became silent-
this dream,
that I deeply got lost in,
in memory of you,
became silent too.


18the and Vine Street
Jazz Distric of Kansas City, MO
I miss you granny Ruby! :-)


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