PAD Challenge Day 16: The Last Few Weeks

PAD Challenge Day 16: Write a “The Last (blank) poem.

The Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks on
earth has been frightening.
I feel like they shouldn’t have to be.
We shouldn’t be living in fear.
We should be walking,
breathing, living in faith.
Believing that we all will survive
and that we all should survive.
But the writings on the wall
are becoming eligible,
getting bolder in red
and loud as hell.
Life is being questioned
last while death is being
answered first.
And the mirror, mirror up on the walls,
only showing how more than a million is
not the fairest of them all.
Hands are getting greedier.
Eyes for eyes are full of lust.
Hearts are beating sloth.
Nations are flagging wrath.
And every race has too
much envy and pride for
everything the world is missing.



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