PAD Challenge Day 18: YOLO: Things I Tell Myself Everyday

PAD Challenge Day 18: Write a message poem.

YOLO: Things I Tell Myself Everyday

When I am alone,
I evaluate myself,
my growth, and the
purpose of my womanhood.

When it comes to waking up
every morning or
in the middle of the night,
I remind myself to at least
thank God for waking me up and
giving me another chance to
simply take another chance.

When it comes to being myself,
I am grateful and appreciative
of my uniqueness.
I tell myself how beautiful I am
and I remind me, there is
no other like you.

When it comes to love,
I tell my heart, do more than
make a living in rhythm for me.
Teach me to never run out of
true love for what I love and
for those who love me back.

When it comes to family,
love them as much as they love you.
Support them as much as they support you.

When it comes to friends and associates,
be honest and protective as they would towards you.
Return the same level of frienship back to them
Always share your disagreements with
them in private, and face to face.
Never let go of their secrets or
laugh at their past tribulations.
This is respect for them and yourself.

When it comes to the youth,
be the mentor you needed,
wanted, and could not
find in your youth.

When it comes to writing,
be the wordsmith of your very
own feelings.
Value your sense of elegance and
the intellect in your language.
It is your story.
Only you can tell it.
You can even keep some to yourself.
You do not always have to explain
your responsibilities and priorities to anyone.

When it comes to your career,
remember why you applied
then apply yourself with integrity.
Remember the blueprints to your buildings.
Do not forget your people
and do not let others forget them.
Do anything for change,
not just for a piece of change.

When it comes to your mistakes,
admit you made it and learned from it.
Try not to live with more skeletons
than your bones can count.

When it comes to being wrong,
politely say you was wrong,
recognize your way 
for correcting yourself.

When it comes to perfection,
remember, nothing and no one can be perfect.
Admit it and adjust your flaws.
Only you can change you.

When it comes to judgment,
always remember how people
misjudged and labeled you.
Remember how you felt
and avoid making someone
else feel that way.

When it comes to envy and revenge,
do not seek it. Do not return it.
Let God master this plan.

When it comes to living,
make it the best life you can 
because you only live once.



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