PAD Challenge Day 2: High in the Air

PAD Challenge Day 2: Write a space poem.

High in the Air

Long ago,

high in the air.

I went out of my

space for you.

I was your freefalling,

star-lover off radar-

risking the inner little

light of mine along

your celestial body.

Day-to-day I took a shot at

speeding my heart up

to twinkle with yours through

a million black skies that love faces.

I even warmed-up the sanctuary

of my womanhood for you to be

my one and only astronomer.

You failed at catching this

glow that God gave me to offer you.

You cut my pride loose.

Left it in a linear position.

Broke the boundaries

of my divine constellation.

You burnt me out my five points.

You made this relation a dull milky way:

ATTENTION is no longer defected,

LOVE is for me now, i

UNDERSTAND what you didn’t, and

TRUST is somewhere embedded in my heart

waiting to COMMUNICATE again,

but nowhere will it connect to you, 

after I recover from this gravity.


Turks and Caico 2019


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