PAD Challenge Day 20: My Quarantine Life

PAD Challenge Day 20: Write an isolation poem.

My Quarantine Life

With 2,470,410
cases confirmed,
169,595 dead,
more pending
in 180 countries
and regions,
I will not complain.

I will not complain
about the Birthday I spent
alone when I peacefully,
without any pain,
woke up to a new age
that many did not get
a chance to greet.

I will continue to enjoy
giving myself a Mary Kay
facial every Sunday
after smiling at the debut
of my unibrow and
chipped polished toes.

I will not complain
about the cancelled vacations
to the islands,
the backpacking trip to Europe,
or the conferences that were
easily postponed.

I will be grateful for my shelter,
even though I live alone
and wish that I had a family
of my own to cook for,
to have movie nights with.
Kids to read to,
teach them new things
and about life.

I will contently walk into
each room and be thankful.
Praise and thank God that
my bills are paid in full.
I still have incomes, food,
transportation, and life.
My family and friends are still here.
I cannot touch or hug them
or break bread with them,
but I can hear, see and 
laugh with them virtually.
No. I will not complain about
my quarantine life and
what I cannot do,
where I cannot be,
when there are millions of families
and friends worried about their survival,
their love ones fighting for their life
or heavily in pain over the
169,595 people that they cannot see,
hear from, hug tightly, and
celebrate life with again.


#throwback I miss my braids,
but I won't complain. :-)


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