PAD Challenge Day 22: NASA (Naturally As She Arrives)

PAD Challenge Day 22: Write a quirky poem.

NASA (Naturally As She Arrives)

She's Venus to Mars on Earth.
One second under the sun
Her love bud roses,
Her beauty disperses confidence
She’ll even gas you up,
naturally as she arrives.

If she could, 
she would load the
space shuttle like Noah’s Ark,
kiss the stars along the way to
to Mercury for 88 days.

Jam to Jupiter’s love songs;
Play hopscotch on Saturn’s
rings under one of her 62 moons.

Sparkle like one of 
Neptune’s diamonds
then lay real cool,
with no kind of blues
under one of 
Uranus’ 27 moons.


Happy Earth Day!
My view while landing into Austraila.


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