PAD Challenge Day 26: Evolution

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a change poem.


I was not born by the river like Sam Cooke.  
Contently, I swam in mother’s womb;
Stayed in 7 days late,
did a 360 before I naturally broke out.
Still, I see no changes like 2 Pac.
Minds....plasmas...hearts still running,
behind time on wheels of hope with
a little prayer that a change is gonna come.
Maybe the alchemical symbols
will signify us like the sun.
Maybe one day, racists will
get a raise in common sense 
not just cents and percents.
Maybe one night, 
my people will
sleep in peace knowing
a phoenix is waiting outside.
And a black butterfly will 
make them believe, 
not make-believe,
that we are coons in political cocoons.
Maybe a moon will be lit,
in memory of our ancestors,
illustrating the phases of
why we are still young, gifted, and black.
Maybe the mathematical formulas for 
inequality, injustice and inequity
will subtract blacks, just to
add us back to the sum of civilization.
Maybe we'll all function
without derivatives and differentials.
Maybe justice for all will
apply to blacks beyond
the little words in black.
Maybe a change is gonna come
like winter before spring,
and summer before fall.



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