PAD Challenge Day 27: Transformation Tuesday

PAD Challenge Day 27: Write a massive poem.

Transformation Tuesday

Right now,
I got the urge to active
my physical activity,
beat my genes in the gym.
But, temporarily,
gym has closed his doors on me.

I tell myself:

NO EXCUSE! No Excuse! no excuse!
Throw a hoodie on like your daddy-
sweat it out like how he used to
during his younger days of training.
Walk in social distance,
Remember, he left you his dog, 
so you're really not walking alone.
Or stay-at-home, 
put on a song,
dance like nobody is watching.
Your Tuesday will come.
You will step on a scale weighing
fifty percent less than what you weigh now.
Give yourself time,
a reasonable, sustainable, and healthy diet
to go along with your 
business schedule and work out plan.
Do not worry, you will not change.
Your beautiful internal is eternal.
Plus, this massive weight loss
is only to prevent the occurrence
of underlying complications that
could position a black woman like
you at the top of more risks.
You wanna keep your numbers in range, right?
Do it right!
Do it for yourself.
Do it for your health.
You can still be a full figure.
Keep your breast plump. 
Your curves voluptuous and
what your momma gave you where it is.
Just say no. Do not emotional eat.
Blackout dates for you to
shred the excess,
the fears, doubts, and
the grief that came along
with the isolation and
situational depression.

Ignore the echoes of being
called a “fat black bitch” as
the only come back after
defending yourself.

Ignore, “Oh, you would really be
more of a threat if you lose weight---
They’ll really hate you for real”
as if being in shape will make
people love you for you too.

Ignore, “You’re pretty for a big girl”
as if weight loss will instantly make me ugly.

Ignore it all, as you have done before,
because when it comes to your after,
Your potential energy will
be even more kinetic,
making this transformation
really more about being
a healthier you.


I miss my dance class.


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