PAD Challenge Day 3: Follow Him

PAD Challenge Day 3: Take the phrase "Follow (blank)", replace the blank with a new word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Follow Him

If Jesus was on social media,
Would you befriend him,
share his beatitudes;
Proudly show off your passion for Christ;
Go live and speak in tongue with him,
Or tell him "Go back to your country-
your Hebrew language is
not welcomed here".

If you saw him for the first time
Would you call his name in vain or
Pull-up then run-up, take a bow
hug him by his neck;
take a selfie and post?
Would you praise him?
Tell him how much 
you thanked God for him.
Thank him for being your Lord and savior;
Your comforter and provider;
Your day 1 since day 1;
Your favorite Alpha and Omega
through every beginning and ending.

Or would you laugh at
his Jewish nose,
pull his woolly hair?
Would you tell him
he's too dark or
too light to be the Son of God;
Would you tease him,
clown Mary with "yo' momma"jokes.
Would you step on his robe
or his Jesus shoes?

Would you be his Lazarus or Judas?
Sell him out for silver and gold
Worship with him on Sunday's services
Then throw shade at him on Wednesdays.

Would you ride or die with
him from Nazareth to Calvary?
Would you tell him he's not just a
good Shepard but the G.O.A.T?

If he left his footprints,
would you follow him through
the synagogues and the departing seas.
Would you fast for 40 days with him,
weep under the night by his side
then wake up and share joy;
Give sight to the blind with him;
Cleanse the lepers with him;
Heal the sick and raise
the dead with him;
Cling to his holy hands
then pray with him;
"Cheers!" with him after
he walk on water then
turn water into wine;
Be on standby with your least
to fed thousands at a holy feast
Would you carry his cross with humility,
keep faith, and be of courage,
knowing that he'll resurrect you.


A Jesus doll that I saw while on my way to a Girl Scout Leaders' meeting.
Circa 2019 :-) 


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