PAD Challenge Day 5: Pandemic

PAD Challenge Day 5: Write a moment poem. 


When I was a little girl,
my mother would say,
“Never question God.”

As a woman,
I faithfully question God.

I say:

“Let me acknowledge your miraculous works.
I know you’re aware of the heart of struggle.
I know your healing balm.
I know your unchanging hands.
I know your comfort.
I know your blessings.
I know your record of no harm.
I know you know everyone’s skeletons
like your son’s flesh.
I know you know future too.
I know you’re preparing countless breakthroughs again.”

I ask:

“Is heaven running out of angels?
Are they tired of saving us in this world?
Are they tired of being taken for granted too?
Do you trust that your children will
learn to pave patience, not pandemonium?
Are you teaching your children Sacrifice 101           again?
Are you expecting us to redefine love?
Rebuild humanity? Morality?   

Are you expecting us to reset our standards?
Our values?                                                               Again?
Are you giving us the benefit of the doubt?
Do you want us to just sit, count
the blessings that some miscalculated?
Do you want us to just rest to be rest assured?
Are you remembering those
times that some of us “wished for”?
Are you tenderly gifting us minutes
for more intimate precious moments?
Are you testing us? Our faith?
Our hope and truths?   
Are you giving us a chance
to find confidence in our heavenly dreams?
Are you giving us time with
ourselves to know thy self?
And to know you, not of you?                                    Again?
Are you making us remember 
what is priority?
Are you making us remember 
who has authority?
Are you making us aware that
none of us will be what we were,
normally?”                                                            ever again?



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