PAD Challenge Day 6: Tr@p Mu$iC

PAD Challenge Day 6: Write a trap poem.

Tr@p Mu$iC

Synthesizers and 808s often
make some Pretty Girls Love Trap Music
And black kings feel like
the King of the South,
Handsome and Wealthy.

They don’t even have to be
from the 404 or really about
that trap life-- even if they can’t
relate to the charges,
the sentences, being wasted and
called someone’s side piece, or
a special black diamond that
twirls and twerk at Club Diamond
or a plug to some grams
and some commas.

These upbeat, negro spirituals
are therapy sessions after a dysfunctional day.
The words are raw poetry, a bloodline
and motivation to Black America.
It is a come up for some artists with
limited or no ways out of a
generational battles of the blues.

These songs will have you
Put On for your city and dreams.
They will leave you feelings
some Type of Way, like a
Rubber Band Man without 2 Chainz
or Bad and Boujee with three of
your a-Migos, and so Icy and
gucci at the same time.
You may even talk that Stick Talk
upfront so Dey Know you’re not
Foolish about being a Soul Survivor.


ATLANTA Mural, Atlanta, GA


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