PAD Challenge Day 8: Foreseeable

PAD Challenge Day 8: Write a future poem.
Before my time is up,
I want to witness genuine love
with a man that has the willpower
to get better and better at 
love and himself every day.
A real man that can feed me
spiritually and intellectually;
Protect me emotionally;
Challenge me mentally and physically.
Can be more than a
best friend, a muse, and partner.
Knows when to be a song
when I need to dance.
Knows when to be a poem
when I need inspiration.
Knows when to tell a joke
when I need laughter.
Can tongue me down with
truth and loyalty.
Knows how to build a fire in my footsteps,
gently arch my back, grip my hips, and
quench his thirst from the ocean
created and named after him.
Can give me goosebumps just
from the scent of his cologne
lingering in the air.
Can equally and happily
share and care for another life with me.
Together, as one, hold a son to the sun
Pray that he’ll be better than him.
Dance with our daughter and
tell her to be better than me.
Together, as one, we’ll say
this was more than matrimony.
It was more than what we dreamed,
and far from a nightmare.
A pure enchantment,
full of passion and patience.
A true blessing,
God engraved in his plans
in the midst of our
self-preparation and prayers.





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