PAD Challenge Day 10: The Black Woman Who Is Often Called Out of Her Name

PAD Challenged Day 10: Write a “The (blank) who (blank) poem.

The Black Woman Who Is Often Called Out of Her Name

This is not a theory.
A scientific method is not needed.
This is truth. These are facts.
A black woman is the
most disrespected
woman on earth.

She has been stripped from Negus
and called Nigger after wanting
the freedom of her crown again.

She is called Monkey and Ape
as if their genes were
developed in her DNA.

She has been Mammy to white children
that she fed her breastmilk to when her
own Black Diamonds and Pearls,
whom you may call Pickaninny,
needed her calcium and iron to
develop, function mentally,
and grow strong too.

She has been Color Gal to
some white men who slapped her down,
forced her limbs still to steal her innocence
behind the shack house on the planation,
as if she deserved it and
it was a penalty waiting for her.

Now, her baby is Mulatto,
born out of her father’s jungle fever.
Some call her Light Bright.
Her two older sisters are called
Tar Baby and Midnight.

Their aunts are Jezebels
because they favor Sarah Baartman.
For the love of their tight coils
and being black, her friends
are known as Nappy Heads.

After you destroyed their
Free Breakfast for Children Program,
you executed their Kings
or did you put a body under their names
when they were never at the scene;
or maybe you planted coke and maryjane on ‘em,
then denied her college and job application
over and over again, cheated her out of a raise
and a few dollars on her last paycheck
just so that you can call her a Welfare Queen.

But she refused to stay there
or be pushed there.
So, she gained controlled of her
heritage and black image.
She fought against uncivilized
behavior and rights, fractured liberties
and fake justice for all;
demanded respect,
equity and equal opportunities
in education and employment,
for herself and her people.
After appearing out of control
for defending herself,
supporting her own opinions,
she is still called an angry black woman
or an angry black bitch
when she is just simply a



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