PAD Challengd Day 17: Wait for Love

PAD Challengd Day 17: Write a waiting poem.

Wait for Love

Here I am
waiting for another heart
to join this love affair

Wondering what colors
A pair of hearts will beat together
Flamboyant or soft pastels?

Only time will tell
but time can't really tell me
The month, day or year
that love will happily appear

There is no map to identify
love's geography
No answer key to answer love's
questionable whereabouts

Sometimes signs
are barely clear
enough to see love's
true expressions

Voila, Abracadabra, and Ta-da
are not supernatural enough
to plant love easily in air

The only miracles of love
are in the words of a prayer
By patiently waiting
for the love I deserve
I know it will always be there



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