PAD Challengd Day 18: b&w

PAD Challengd Day 18: Write a an ekphrastic poem.


In monochrome, 
of true equality,
I see a big, beautiful, black woman
with permanent black girl magic.
This sensual view of me is a
mystery to you.

Too bad
You can't smell the sex,
be the sex
between me, myself, and I.
You can't taste or feel the sultry either
but you're welcome to imagine what
it's like to caress to arouse, and
lose yourself in the house
of rivers that I run.

You can't test the durability
of my soul but you're welcome
to see its sterling silver setting
and sense the light of this
panache from afar.

Too bad
these pixels are witholding
some deep skin and colorful secrets:
Like the temporary fabric
resting on my blackness, 
or the crimson heart keeping me alive
that is bigger and brighter
than the diamonds in my
ears and around my neck.
Or, my gentle, youthful hand,
kind to the hair strands
that lost dead ends from
the residence of my
resilent shoulders.
Or my crown of knowledge
and wisdom pointing in the
direction of self-confidence.

Can you
Zoom closer.......
Do you like it ..hate it
from where you're looking?

Does my elegance look free?
Does it scare you?
Can you hear self-love
whispering between
my inherited gap teeth?
Do my lips appear trustworthy?
Can you see my beauty moles
forming a constellation in
celebration of the Trinity?
Does my untamed eyebrows,
mane and loose strings of hair
on my chest tell you
that I'm far from perfect.
Or do they make you want
to judge me more.....
When this selfie is worth
more than a thousands words.
It is self admiration,
a pixel parade of authentic beauty
and elevated self-esteem.
For the love of self love,
Can't you see it in my eyes?
Even I can look back to
seduce my own damn self...



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