PAD Challenge Day 20: "From the Bottom of My Heart" and "The Hate You See"

PAD Challengd Day 20: Write a love and/or  hate poem.

From the Bottom of My Heart

My dear
If I say I love you
I mean it
from the bottom 
of my heart
to my aorta
I'll show it
with rhythm and blues
and rich, thrashing reds

My dear
from my upper 
and lower flows
through my elations 
and woes 
locked in
these chambers 
of love

The Hate You See

Everyday it's getting so good
society is becoming so great at it
like it's safe, a life challenge
that requires effort or a trend
that people should keep in rotation
It's getting so damn good that people
don't even have to say I hate anymore
Can't you tell?
Look at the blood getting thinner
The water getting milky
It's so raw, Grade A,
almost one hundred percent
at showing the ugliest feelings
You don't even have to read
between the lines
It's boasting and sprouting,
Swirling and sprinting
You can easily turn it on
or turn up to turn on with it
Quickly swipe left or 
press answer to hear it
You can login, scroll through it
Walk into rooms filled with it
Be at a low or on a high,
No binoculars needed
Stand out in a crowd 
or be singled out
and smell it's blood
taste it's toxicity
No clincial trial or 
study group needed 
for it's validity
You don't even have to sell it 
or be paid a fee
But be advised, 
don't let the hate you see
take your love with it.



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