PAD Challenge Day 1: A Prelude to My BPM

 PAD Challenge Day 1: Write an introduction poem.

A Prelude to My BPM

welcome to my heart,

the temple of my lifetime

the opposition of my head

the centralization of my wisdom

and the concierge of my emotional intelligence-

that dances quotidian rhythm between my lungs,

where the roots of my spirit reside,

and ventricle chambers are vindicated

by no signs or symptoms of bad blood.

My oxygenated aorta is relieved from the

high blood pressure and blues of the world.

My arteries are birth receptors for rich circulating love,

patiently waiting to flush another’s veins with love remedies.

Here, hear these pumped, joyful sessions of

resuscitations that truly have no shape,

character, or color-

that heart emojis pretends to live for.




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