PAD Challenge Day 14: Outside of My Outside

PAD Challenge Day 14: Write a "from where you're sitting" poem.

Outside of My Outside

From outside of my outside,
where I'm sitting,
a Navy blue chaise has my back.
Nina Simone's Mood Indigo
is nursing my feelings
while I try to reserve a
free smile beside a visiting
ray from the Sun.
As I sip on a cup of lush hibiscus,
rose hips and orange peels,
the life of the honey in my
cup seems sweeter than
the Black life I'm hosting.
Sitting still, I'm still dying
to house laughter with the wind
while daydreaming that my own
natural born rhythm would just
grow violet from the mystery
of the darker blue hues
that comes with being Black.
I thought the natural gravity of
this world would be the only
excessive forces exerted
on the human body.
Sad to say,
Newton's law can easily underline
the differences between a constant
and multiple objects.
Down on Earth,
a list of humans can't.
Up from Earth,
I wonder what God is wondering.
The constant masses leave me frozen,
wondering why is it
hard to calculate the weight of
excessive forces weighed
on unarmed civillians when
there is suppose to be only
one source of gravity
supposedly holding
us together.



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