PAD Challenge Day 19: Blackbirds

PAD Challengd Day 19: Write an animal title poem.


If we were blackbirds
Not royal African Descent
Could you would you
Attempt to steal our crowns
Wring our tails
Stretch our wings
Clip to oppress
then tie us down

If we were blackbirds
not black men, women, 
and children
Would you could you
Call our black beauty 
what you call it now
Mistake our magic as
a sign of death
Toss itty bitty crumbs to
Detain us for your wealth

If we were blackbirds
Not black diamonds and pearls
Would you could you
Bill us for our bills
Try to shoot us down
Silence our morning hymns
Nix our midnight calls
Or lock us in cages
Until our totem power
and vibrations are
nowhere to be found



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