PAD Challenge Day 25: Caption Bubble

PAD Challenge Day 25: Write a thought poem.

Caption Bubble

I wish I could check
into your mind.
I would walk barefooted 
and tender through
your daily meditations;
Recite the music in your head;
Roll around in your wit;
See what you see;
plant happy thoughts
in your plans;
taste your entrée of dreams
then skip down to your
photogenic memory
lanes of pleasure and pain.

I would expunge all
of your brokenness
in exchange for
alleviating lyrics
while the sun set
in your eyes.

If I could
I would color me in
as your sweetest daydream.
I would ride your emotional
roller coaster just to silence
your doubts and 
extract your fears.
Softly, I would
stike a nerve to
activate your senses
until you are no
longer puzzled
about the art of you.



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