PAD Challenge Day 27: "city of peace" and "Make Believe".

PAD Challenge Day 27: Write a Believe and/or Don’t Believe poem.

city of peace

if heaven
had visiting
hours, i
believe all
visitors would
extend their
stay or
not leave
at all.

Make Believe

My heart is too real
for the make believe.
These rhythms of love
can't fake it
til they make it.

They rather go
without a war,
and sit in self-love
within me
than self-pity
with you.

I'm too full of life
to secretly lay down 
in a bed full of
lies and deceit.
And I don't wanna
look alive on stage
then close a door
to see a piece of
me expiring 
on the floor.

I have no interest
in fairy tales either.
They sold white lies
to my black youth
and never apologized.

in au naturale,
I'm really
too comfortable
to play dress up
because my spirit is a
Monarch butterfly.

And my credit
too excellent,
for me to profit
from business relations
in a glass house
where the writings
on the wall will
eventually show
and tell to say
deduct the charades
for the bona fide.



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