PAD Challenge Day 29: 6 to 8

PAD Challenge Day 29: Write an evening poem.

6 to 8

From six to eight
I wine down with springtime.
I may rest by it's
dandelions and lilacs-
better yet,
cuddle by it's budding roses
just to wake up and
say I smelled them again.

If not too fatigue,
I may lend it's tree trunk my back,
so Spring's breeze can hug my hips
and kiss my lips while the
Phoenix soul of me lay
mellow in a mutual union
with jazz fusions.

Before my eyes
send the sun
off to the west,
I borrow what little energy
and jubilation my bones
and melanin are authorized to use
to push a prayer for today
among the clouds.

Because today was
more than a good day,
because I watched it rollover
into a thick, shameless,
beautiful black night;
smooth like me,
with a heart full of moonlight
and a little youth for tomorrow.



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