PAD Challenge Day 5: The First Sounds

PAD Challenge Day 5: Take the phrase "The First (blank)," replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

The First Sounds

Today I beat my alarm clock by 1 hour.
I didn't get a chance to snooze
for another 10 minutes
or lay awake,
wishing that my right arm
was stretched out,
touching my soulmate's body;
keeping their body warmer with mine;
making them feel secure
within the locked doors of my home
and the rhythm of
my very own heart...
I woke up holding myself
to the first sounds of warning sounds
Two fire trucks.........
One police car
followed by an ambulance
then 2 more police cars---
all outsinging the hymns
produced by the sparrows and 
cardinals outside my window.
Coaxing me to think:
What happened? 
What's happening this time?
God knows the world has
seen enough...
heard enough
series of unexpected
drama and trauma?
What now....?
what is happening
outside of my outside?
Was it an accident or premeditation?
Is it another semi-automatic or
a mysterious bomb that ran out of time?
Maybe another suicide or a murder-suicide?
Was it another pistol out of safety
unlocking danger to innocent children?
Was it another clip emptied,
piercing the flesh of thy neighbors
down the aisles of a super market,
or in between pews,
ricocheting to the front of the sanctuary,
or is it another school or institution?
Dear God, did it even end
with a favorable resolution?
Are all alive and fair?
Or will there be another headline
to make us all aware?



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