PAD Challenge Day 6: "Coming of Age" and Constant Variable"

PAD Challenge Day 6: Write a Change and/or Don’t Change poem.

Coming of Age

I can't repeat this year again
not even in another phase
Just be gentle with this wide spirit
and the steps awaiting
at the center of this stage

Down to the days of ahead,
To what I release or save
Let new knowledge tell my wisdom,
You have nothing to be afraid

Just open up your heart
Stroke softly through the waves
before all the music fades
Because even the art of
you will always change.

Constant Variables

I wish everyone could see
how you constantly
average out to be
dysfunctional in
every equation.
You're never equivalent
in the areas desired or
welcoming as you appear to be.
Your expressions never define
the summation of community.
You don’t add anything
to anyone's life.
You just subtract,
cause chaotic division.
Hell, none of the integers
that hang around you can
commonly factor "unity"
from your soul.
Because it’s always about you,
yourself, and your bundles
of low self-esteem.
Even your fake energy is foul.
The moment you enter the equation,
everyone loses a sense of taste
behind their smiles.
It drives me crazy to see you
manipulate the positives.
That's why I disconnected
myself from you.
I can't even...
never really could
multiply my face by twos.
You were never a "Day One",
not even a Zero,
you been below.
All of your negatives
discloses your insecurities.

I dare you to try to distribute
any shade over my blessings,
when all there is of you is
a list of miscalculated lessons
simplifying you down.



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