PAD Challenge Day 7: Internet Trolls


PAD Challenge Day 7: Write a villain poem.

Internet Trolls

Supervillains from Marvel,

Detective Comics and Disney

have lifelines on the World Wide Web

and Apps with no capes.

Monitors, tablets, and mobile

screens are their sweet escape;

equal opportunity under

anonymous accounts and pseudo names.

They follow, friend you

knowingly knowing they are

vicious, vindictive, broken foes

with minimum or no genuine

human interaction to expose.

Instead, seeking validation

and salvation in the land of Wi-Fi

with psychological sadism as their high.

All day scrolling and scrolling,

they stay trolling and trolling

trying to control narratives

like they for real for real

know you like they know you know you;

when they are just squares under squares

with wicked hearts fueling offensive wars

going nowhere, wasting time;

causing inflammation to bodies and souls;

Injecting anxiety, pain, self-doubt,

and inadequacy into minds;

Awaking childhood and adulthood traumas;

Teasing, bullying, exploiting, and harassing

as if they are not part of the human race.

They fail to acknowledge the truth.

They fear the evidence behind the FACTS.

Carelessly output venom like Venom.

Let evil go viral with their Cruella de Vil attacks.

Impersonating Joker as if this bullshit is something to LOL at.

Until someone fire or clap back like “homie don’t play that”.



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