PAD Challenge Day 12: "Black Woman Arithmetic" and "TI-84 Plus CE"

PAD Challenge Day 12: Two-for-Tuesday: Write a counting poem and/or a not counting poem.


Black Woman Arithmetic

I’m far off from being a basic black

and another statistic in America.

My summation never counted

on the perimeters of you squares.

Your order of operations and formulas

never added up fair.

They can’t compare to the

greatest triangle of all time.

The Father + The Son + The Holy Ghost =The r of my circle of life.

It’s a complete trip to see

I remained 90 degrees

in such an acute and obtuse world.

I even gave more than 180

in every 360 to beat the

odds of stereotypes.

I’m quite the hypotenuse, huh?

Adjacent to all the opposite

thoughts you thought I would be,

times times and half of a time.

All while my so-called village

designed division to x me out.

And I still can’t tell you y,

they constantly want to simplify

a black woman like me.



TI-84 Plus CE


I wish I could press

On just to go off

on the plus sign 


I wish I could

scientifically log in 

my blessings,

graph them vibrantly,

but they are too exponential 

for an LCD screen




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