PAD Challenge Day 13: How to Love a Black Man that Loves You

 PAD Challenge Day 13: Write a “how to blank” poem. 


How to Love a Black Man that Loves You

Open your arms wide

Restrain from robbing him for his pride 


Open your heart wider

Remain his confider


Listen like he’s your favorite song

Massage his temples to keep his headstrong


Pray with and over his name

Be his sunshine and joy through the pain


Give him space

after the world knock

him down on his face


Lend him a warm shoulder

And some humor to make

his smile a little bolder


Don’t let his soul crumble to the floor

Feed him what he’s hungry for


Be tender and care full with his emotions

Stay full of encouragement, inspiration, and devotion


Support his cause

whether he win or lose,

apply some applause


Appreciate his talents

stay strong to keep

him well-balanced


Love on him

like how you want

him to love you






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