PAD Challenge Day 14: Scared to Death

PAD Challenge Day 14: Write a scared poem.

Scared to Death

When I was a child, I used to be scared to death of the dark until I laid my hand against the sky to see how beautiful the night was like me.

I used to be scared to death of white people after cracking open my mother's history book to see people like me chained to a boat. It took my fourth grade teacher to be the first to show me love outside the color of my skin.

I used to be scared to death that I would never live one of my dreams. I'm every one of them now and working on one mo'.

I used to be scared to death to fall in love. I like to think I'm brave enough now to walk into it and run with it like how I discovered it inside myself.

I used to be scared to death to become attached to people because they may leave and take a piece of me unconsciously with them.

I used to be scared to death to share the heart of my feelings. That's why I created a home sweet home in poetry because a poem felt more reliable, non-wicked, trustworthy, and free as a free verse.

I used to be scared to death to die, now sometimes-at-times, after watching the news, I'm afraid to live with the upgrades of hatred and cruetly in the world.

After losing my father, I'm scared to death to lose my mother because she taught me as a child to only be afraid of God. Truth be told, I'm scared to be a parent-less child. Who gonna... who would...who could possibly love me more than them?

I'm afraid now, that'll wake up, wrinkled with the right side of my bed empty, my heart still in my chest, not in the hands of a man that is man enough to love me. No foot prints from a legacy to tell you how wonderful a mother I was, forever.



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