PAD Challenge Day 15: Patiently Waiting

PAD Challenge Day 15: Write a patience poem.


Patiently Waiting

waiting patiently

in memory of the Monday

hours spent with stars in our eyes

my brown eyes await to

gaze at your dark chocolate skin


patiently waiting

my heart effectuates jumping jacks

while goosebumps grow down my spine

my fingers embark on numbness

my palms sit crisscross in perspiration

and prayer that you’ll return 

as if I was your sender


waiting patiently

my arms lay limp and frozen

dying for your 96 degrees

temperature to thaw them again

my smile set up first base for the release

of my tongue to make love to yours

again and again and.....again 


patiently waiting

my skin is eagered to be revived

it is damn near hungry for

your sandalwood and patchouli

or maybe this time you’ll wear

the bergamot with cedar and nutmeg fragrance


waiting patiently

my breast,

aroused and primed,

to meet the crest of your chest

my hips, in formation,

to produce the afrobeats 

that you love to dance to


patiently waiting

all of me is willing

to share more intimate

space with you




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