PAD Challenge Day 18: We Still Trustin' God

PAD Challenge Day 18: Write a "we blank " poem.

We Still Trustin' God

I don't know what we means anymore.
I don't know how many are involved.
I don't know how many want to be involved.

I'm not so sure that all may want to scratch the surface anymore, not even our ancestors would want to come back to life just to die again before digging out the truth before the same God we trust in.

Maybe all was never really good for us in the beginning but then again, the Constitution said so, in big American scribe font, We, the People but we... no, it was US, not us, that made a little big mistake or did US just failed to remember those sweet, beautiful words for the common good?

Maybe the bill of rights was really set to come with a fee after free labor, before and after, because we all know it didn't always work for all.

Even the amendments could testify, then again they couldn't make amends with it either.

So, where do we go?

Should America's second group of founding fathers have defined perfect union mo' better?

What do you think?

Should they have possbily provided us, the people examples of what justice should really look like?

Did we get better? Are we doing better?

Oops, I forgot Tranquility. 

Turn on your television. Walk outside. Go to your City Hall meetings. Visit your legislative. Listen to your president. Remember, to vote wisely. Are you, we, still loving thy neighbor?

Are we getting closer?

Maybe they should have drew out how the general welfare should be promoted too or
left some type of flow chart on how we, the people can secure the blessings of liberties together....



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