PAD Challenge Day 2: Forever Indebted

 PAD Challenge Day 2: Write a second chance poem.

Forever Indebted

I owe Trinity for a

lifetime of golden Blessings,

diamond Favors,

and for keeping my head

above serious clouds.

I, always standing

on the receiving
to receive the fix I need
without resisting the urge
to remain unused because

the exalted one
has made me a living
instrument of Psalms.

I hear the calling
encrypted in the messages
of the unruly world.
God knows, 

my heart adores Mercy
for it is still conscious--
I can't decline or ignore

the Grace-

for it has come
again and again
bestowing leftovers
for my present soul
to be fully known.

And although
my cup of healing is

tilting from milk
reaching for honey,
my eyes are

sprightly enthused
to blink and bat,
yet again, just to
count the first and
second hand
in another 24 hours.




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