PAD Challenge Day 21: Cha-ching

 PAD Challenge Day 21: Write a sound poem.


For the love of money,

people tend to do the

most treacherous things.

They’ll tell a tale

Sell some tail

Exploit themselves

Pimp their spouse and kids

Execute a block for drug bids

Pay you to remain on “the hush”

Extract their soul from in God we trust

Cut out the middleman and still cheat you

Rob you to pay another brother

Place a price over your head then send

another brother to check for a silent

pulse to make sure you’re dead.....


Dead as the dead presidents

God knows people love Big Bens

but nothing ever stops them from

being lovers and friends

when it comes to Jacksons, Lincolns,

Washingtons and Hamiltons.


We all want ‘em.

We all need ‘em.

We all can’t survive without ‘em.

And when we got ‘em, like Big said,

“mo’ money, mo’ problems”.

With money coming and going,


we can’t always solve ‘em.


To hell with change,

Jay-Z and JD said “money ain’t a thang”

especially when you’re in your

own lane and doing your damn thang.

Until you place a stack in their face

Stand back and ask

 “What will you do for this gain?”

Hell, people will turn their back on you

for a couple of dollars or two.

And they ain't even gotta be mad at you.


‘Cause the rich ain’t got enough of it.

They wanna be at the top of a list.

The po’ ain’t got it all.

They gotta sell food stamps to

pay Peter and Paul.


Investments or zilch

Debit or credit

Wired or cold hard cash

It doesn’t take a Discover

to discover what an

American Express

about securing the bag

because social security

may not be security at all.....



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