PAD Challenge Day 22: To the Naked Eye

PAD Challenge Day 22: Write an organism poem.

To the Naked Eye

My charming brown oculars
believe you're the most
beautiful specimen on earth;
You're too impossible to duplicate.
Every feet and inches of you is a present;
A heavenly decadent gift
worth more than a promising upkeep.
Homemade chocolate
made out of distilled love
that has me so geeked up to see you.
I wish I could see your 
father's eyes; thank him
for implanting his seed;
And place flowers in your 
mother's hands;
thank her for hosting the 
richness of you in her womb
because the delivery of your
African descent is the sweetest
sample I've cradled, sampled,
and wanna withhold like a baby's scent.
The first DNA
I didn't want to degrade
or smear under objective
lens just to scan and adust 
for your true colors
to take shape.
Frankly, I rather decline 
the use of a compound,
an electron, dark field or
fluorescence microscope because
You're organic and fine
just the way you are.
Far from out of control, and
full of natural illumination,
whether in motion or
stationary amongst 
other living things.



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