PAD Challenge Day 24: My Sheroes

PAD Challenge Day 24: Write a superhero or supervillian poem.

My Sheroes

My superheroes did not inherit capes
nor could they fly but they were fly
in their ebony skin of all shades.
They produced sweet black
fruit from their own roots.
They were first of many 
and second to none.
They wore braids as symbols
of their heritage, status, and African tribes;
Rocked afros as their standard
of beauty and black pride;
Doobie curls and pressed tresses
when addressing the world
they didn't choose to live and defend;
Locs as a rebel of strength,
spirituality, and power;
Headwraps to protect their crown
under the sun or before they laid their
heads down after celebrating
the love for being nubian.

Their superpowers were
transcendence and resilence.
Their voices stretched higher
then their raised clenched fists.
They were more than power to the people.
They were fresh flesh and bones
waterhosed down and spit on at sit-ins
where they marched and fought
for freedom, justice, and equality
in sundown towns
They were blood, sweat, and tears
scattered on the streets of
Jim Crow and Black Codes
and in courtrooms.
They were mothers to
children that they didn't bare.
They fed them,
clothed them,
housed them
and lectured them on
the pythagorean theorem,
the beauty of black skin,
laws of nature and men,
how to make something
out of nothing
and to settle for no
one and nothing!

Lemons or no lemons,
they made bitter sacrifices
disappear into southern sweet ice tea.
They made women like me
feel more than a pretty face
and a curved waist that 
could be more and do more
than domestic chores,
raise children,
and satisfy our men.
They taught me to practice
self-love and respect,
how to be unapologetically me,
lead by example,
be fearless,
adapt to change
and implement change,
how to rise up after falling down,
how to author my story,
and own my own;
how to sing my song,
flaunt my glory, and
proudly and strongly 
be the black girl 
that rocks every day!




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