PAD Challenge Day 25: SMS

PAD Challenge Day 25: Write a response poem.


I'm too grown for
mixed feelings
and mixed vibes.
I rather have
mixed drinks then
to undergo a mix up with
what you're not sure of,
where you wanna be,
what you want,
what you need,
and with whom or
where the conversation 
is not flowing so easily 
and you and your
effort is a no show.
It can't be that 
hard to reply before you
hear little today and go
silently more tomorrow
where your quality 
time has low quantity.
Questions unanswered.
Special days forgotten
like 30 days old passwords.
And I'm left feeling like
my feelings are filling up
dark circles before
the lights of you.
So, I have to withdraw
from replying to you.
If I wanna go
back and forth,
like I can't read 
what was read,
I'll stand in a mirror
and play charades alone.
With that said,
here is my last text,
so long!




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