PAD Challenge Day 26: "Red Roses" and "Black Orchids"

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a love and/or anti-love poem.

Red Roses

You planted twelve in my hand,
I returned seven because
all you ever given me
was more than a half of your love
without a demand or a query.

Black Orchids

I don't want us to be
hated by them anymore.
I don't want us to
show hate to us anymore.

Haven't we suffered enough?
Haven't we perished enough?
Haven't we flooded streets
like rivers from crying too much?

With little rain, sun and soil left,
Isn't it time to respect our roots?
Isn't it time to appreciate our seeds?
Isn't it time to nourish and heal our stems?
Isn't it time to flower ourselves
ahead of four seasons?
Isn't it time for everyone to love
us just for our lucky seven sepals?

Our black Lives
Our black Skin
Our black Hair
Our black Features
Our black Culture
Our black History
Our black Excellence

The way they are.....



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