PAD Challenge Day 29: The Last Good Girl

PAD Challenge Day 29: Write a The Last "Blank" poem.

The Last Good Girl

I used to feel like the
last girl good standing
until I met other
good sisters like me.
You know the ones that had
mothers and grandmothers
that clothed us in sophistication;
Ordered us to not just sit pretty
but to revolve like the
Earth around the sun;
Implanted knowledge in our
gray matter for better
yellow days ahead;
Marked our foreheads
with holy oil to keep
the lurking demons away
so they couldn't steal what has
been stolen in their youth;
Gifted us Precious Moments
to remind us our precious
and young we truly were;
Passed down wisdom
like soul food recipes and
great-great-great grandmother's
Princess rings and brooches;
Outlined their flaws like laws
for us to memorize and fear to commit;
Told us if a man couldn't see
us during the day,
he wasn't worth seeing late at night;
Showed us their bucket of tears
after ungodly days and nights;
Demonstrated how to
crumble and toss our fears
like napkins,
after all we could eat and bite--
even if the plate or 
the seat at the table 
appeared full of life;
Let us see them bend
like acrobats then
spark like wildfires...
In the same damned world,
gathered in the name of
Matthews 7:12 and
Galatians 6:9 through 10,
still demanding
and suggesting
what little girls
and women
should be more
or less like.



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