PAD Challenge Day 3: His Cologne


PAD Challenge Day 3: Write a scent poem.

His Cologne

I want to know the

names of his cologne

like how I know

the alphabets of his name

and the languages he speaks.

I want to know like how

I know when his lips are

going to reach for mine--

‘cause whenever we rendezvous,

there is no gap between us-

we tango our tongues,

and before he departs,

his top notes, 

heart notes and base notes

remains on the breast of my fabrics.


I want to know if he wears

the same fragrance every day.

Does he substitute his mood like me,

different notes on Sunday

by the way of Saturday.

I wanna know-

Could it be a hint of Joop

that bring me joy when

you hold me like a breath

you don’t wanna let go?

Maybe its Noir by Tom Ford,

it compliments your melanin.

No, it has to be Guilty by Gucci,

in memory of every little guilty pleasure

you surrender for my undivided attention.

Or could it be Sauvage by Dior

‘cause you’re a savage when it

comes to your ambitions and dreams.

Maybe its Hero by Kenneth Cole

‘cause you’re so damn good

with courage and nobility-

at least, from what I sense

without sharing

the scent of my

bronze skin with you.




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